Hot Corners

by Dan West

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A collection of my lo-fi experiments (with a few hi-fi thrown in for good measure) from the last several years, a personal greatest hits of sorts.
A stellar collection of irresistible pop nuggets ~~ "A pop stylist of rare quality, one whose originality and intimate involvement with music guarantees any listener soul-deep satisfaction"
- Jonny Whiteside, LA Times


released December 19, 2012

All songs, words and music by Dan West
©2011, Professor Sci Fi Music, ASCAP
All rights reserved

Front cover photograph & design by Azalia Snail



all rights reserved


Dan West Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles California based singer/songwriter/producer/arranger

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Track Name: Lifeless
I think that it's time
I think that it's real
That you'll never lose
Your distant appeal
Track Name: Everywhere I Go
Everywhere I go, I go too
And ruin everything
Everywhere I turn, I learn
I'm wrong
Track Name: One Kiss
When I look into you I see so much love
Underneath, fountains of despair
The charcoal habitat of your sun soaked hair
Black flames, in the golden air
Track Name: U & I, We R 1
You're such a beautiful girl
When you look into the mirror
Do you wanna make love to yourself?
Could you ever be anything else?
Track Name: Never Go Away
Intercepting damaged children within you
I navigate through dull chaos fields
A solitary figure now in the wetness
Of tears that are burned by the sun

Never go away, never go away, gonna wish you stayed
You know I loved you
Never go away, never go away, gonna wish you stayed
You know I loved you

Combat eyes now salivating venom
A maker of unfinished love
As we woke up alcoholic
You were smiling, patriotic
Quickly you bolted out the door

Never go away, never go away, gonna wish you stayed
You know I loved you
Never go away, never go away, gonna wish you stayed
You know I loved you
Track Name: The Sprawling Sun
The sprawling sun, forgotten moon
Endless rays that coat the womb
The stormy body, the stormy sea
This deadly climate of frozen feelings

It's going off like a rocket
I'm soloing all the new tracks
I'm ready to release like a bullet
Heading into the sprawling sun
Into the heart of your brick a brack
Track Name: L.A. Story
Friends go away
As soon as they get drunk or get laid
The minute they are all getting paid
Friends will go away
Track Name: Never No, Always Yes
Take a tip off a blue and red sky and
Paint a picture of whatever you want to
Opened wide, it's summertime
Make time if the mood is passive

Never no, always yes
You'll see, the journey's simple and it's free
You'll glide and know the reason being
Track Name: Silicon
Woke up today and wanted to die
I fell on my face and started to cry
Woke up today and wanted to fly
My broken wings are smoking me dry
Track Name: Zombie Girl
Track Name: Another Way
Today's the day I'll take my time
Won't worry about the stress in line
You will be the one who sees
That today makes it seem to be
Track Name: Wasting Time
There's a place you go where no one you know
You've hurt or deceived can find you
All the leaves fall into your dead consciousness
You'll never face them in this life
Track Name: Bedroom Revolution
Bedroom revolution
Parting her slow, quickly
I'm ever restless when she's around
She has me and she may never touch me
But I'll always be by her side

The world is blowing up on TV screens
Taste you from head to toe in our personal fashion
Free to love you, free to risk
The fact that I'm just another object
Profligate real estate in a multi hyphenate
Track Name: Is This Really Anything?
While she's undressing
I know her stress is
Like she's flown a thousand kites
Making love is the great relief from
Things that she and I can't understand

Is this really anything at all?